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Useful links

Italian Basketball Federation – Official Website

FIP - Comitato Regionale Veneto – Official Website of the Italian Basketball Federation, Regional Veneto Committee.

FIP - Comitato Provinciale Padova - Official Website of the Italian Basketball Federation, Local  Padova Committee.

CSI - Comitato di Padova – Italian Sports Centre, Local  Padova Committee.

FIP - Minibasketball – Website dedicated to the Italian Basketball Federation - Children’s Basketball Section.

Ciof – Veneto Basketball Portal.

Gazzetta dello Sport – Official site of the sports newspaper.

IT.NBA.COM – NBA’s official site entirely translated into Italian in association with Sportitalia.

PLAY BASKET – Results and ranking for each kind of championship!

BASKET CAFE – Very famous forum where anyone can chat with lots of people about their favourite sports.

LEGA BASKET – Official website of the Basketball Serie A League

LEGADUE BASKET – Website dedicated to Legadue.



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