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Memorandum for coaches and families

The Befana Tournament is born to thrill all the children who participate in it through the emotions  and the dreams which they will live during these days of matches.

Therefore we invite everybody to co-operate with us and to respect the referees, whatever mistake they make. Moreover we invite the families not go into the field, the changing rooms and the areas where the teams coming from outside the region are lodged.

In order to avoid misunderstandings and incomprehension the Minibasket Rules presented on the Tournament website will be applied. Any exception or alterations of the Rules has to be authorized by the Tournament Official.

Closing day –½ place final –prize-giving ­– PIOMBINO DESE

Because of the limited capacity of the structure, only the first 24 placed teams will be rewarded at Piombino Dese’s Indoor Stadium. The remaining 20 teams will be rewarded in the different playing fields at the end of each final.

The Organizing Committee regrets this inconvenience and states as follows:

- Montegrotto Terme’s Palaberta is not capacious enough to accommodate 44 teams observing the safety regulations;

- Other more capacious Indoor Stadiums (Palafabris, Taliercio, Indoor Stadium of Vicenza) appeared already booked even though we had set off for some of them in August.

However we specify that all the teams and all the children will receive the same prizes and presents.

Whoever wishes to is invited to watch the ½ place final and the prize-giving in Piombino Dese. We would all be very glad to see among the audience the kids, families and teams classified over the 24th place.

During the ½ place final and the prize-giving we ask your collaboration and the observance of the following directions:

-on the arrival to Piombino Dese’s Indoor Stadium the children and the trainers helped by our staff will occupy the assigned places inside the competition field or the stands from which they will watch the ½ place final.

- before, during and at the end of the final none of the relatives can enter the field. Only the people authorized from the Tournament organization will be admitted.

-All the children have to sit where indicated by the Tournament staff. None of the teams can stand up, move, change place, not even at the end of the prize-giving.

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