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Thanks to...

Special thanks to...

Andrea Beghin Responsible for entries and logistics, responsible for the Tournament promotion and for the website
Emanuele Mura Responsible for the Gym of Piombino Dese, responsible for finances, marketing and logistics

Fabio Facci Responsible for the Gyms of Limena
Flavio Camporese Responsible for the Gyms of Camposampiero
Sandro De Liberali Responsible for the Gym of Caltana
Paolo Fabbian Responsible for the Gym of Torreselle
Lamberto Morello Responsible for the Gym of Mortise

Claudio Campesato Responsible for graphic design

Giulia Casarin Responsible for translations

The drivers: Domenico Toso, Fabio Zaramella, Fernando Beghin, Silvestro Mura

Breakfast direction: Eva Rizzo, Alice Pasqualotto, Teresa Carraro

Scorekeepers and timekeepers: Francesca Zecchinato, Davide Bissacco, Francesco Gnoato, Alessio Savoia, Filippo Marchiori, Tommaso Zecchinato, Andrea Comelato, Elena Comelato, Manuel De Marchi, Luca Naccari, Stefano Giotto, Giampaolo Siebezzi, Thomas Geron, Raffaele Geron, Mattia Silvestrini, Nicola Silvestrini, Riccardo Greco, Enrico Marcato, Francesco Marcato, Andrea Lamon, Alessio Fabbian, Gabriele Fabbian, Luca Dallan, Lorenzo Pravettoni, Marco Piotto, Alessandro Pinton, Marco Lovisetto, Alessandro Mason, Armando Laccetti, Valentino Zaramella

The whole staff, the youth sector athletes, the trainers, the coaches and the families, of the societies Nuova Pallacanestro Dese, Olimpia Camposampiero, CRM Mortise and Jolly Basket.

Giuliana Mantovan: contact coordinator and interpreter for the Croatian team Krizevci

Mr. Giuseppe Costa Mayor of Limena Municipality
Mr. Stefano Toubai Councillor responsible for Sport of Limena Municipality
Mr. Ilario Livieri Councillor responsible for Sport Piombino Dese Municipality
Mr. Massimo Zilio Councillor responsible for Sport Villafranca Padovana Municipality

Mr. Giovanni Petrucci President of the Italian Basketball Federation (FIP)
Prof. Eugenio Crotti President of the Youth, School and Minibasket FIP sectors
Mr. Bruno Polon President of the Veneto Regional FIP Committee
Prof. Renato Fettarappa Headmaster of the School of Limena

The FIP referees and their trainers

A great thank you to all the Jolly Basket families who give hospitality to the Croatian children of the BC Krizevci team.

A special thank you to Mr. Roberto Nardi, President of Padua Provincial FIP Commettee, to have believed and sustained the Befana Tournament 2014 contributing in a fundamental way to its result.

A special thank you also to Mr. Andrea Franceschi, President of Nuova Pallacanestro Dese, to have given confidence to the new staff of the Tournament and to have placed his society for the bureaucratic management.

A particular thank you also to Renzo Piotto per for the valuable advice and the helpfulness.

Thanks to all the societies and all the trainers which believe in us year after year.
Thanks to all the families of the minibasket players who accept with enthusiasm and helpfulness.
Thanks to all the participating children who give life to the Befana Tournament edition after edition.

And finally thanks to Leopoldo Carraro, who started this Tournament back in 1999, organizing it for 15 years with seriousness and passion.

Thanks also to all the gym attendants, the advertisers, and to those who have contributed to the good result of the Event.



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